Prostitution in Murree

Prostitution in Murree

Prostitution in Murree is considered to be an illegal business. However, there is a huge demand for the services provided by the prostitutes in this city. There are about 15 brothels operating in the city and each one of them receives hundreds of customers during the weekend.

Prostitution in Murree has become such a menace that police and villagers have been very tough on the issue. Earlier, the police used to let the brothels remain open at night but with the increasing demand for the services of the prostitutes the police have tried to restrict their activities. The police create a list of the brothels that need to be cleaned regularly and then these brothels have to be handed over to the local village head.

A lot of women from the low-caste class of the society migrate to the cities to get a job. These women are generally treated badly by the rich women of their surrounding areas. Some of these women even end up being prostituted to by the johns.

But, there are some exceptions as there are some middle class women who migrate with their husbands to the cities in search of a better job. One of the reasons for this is the shortage of jobs in the cities. The poor economic conditions in the states have forced a number of women to seek refuge in the cities. Prostitution is thus not a difficult business for these women.

Prostitution in Murree begins at the age limit of 14 years. The custom is believed to have started in this state. According to the police, some girls offer to go to the johns or pimps to earn some extra money. This is usually a part time job.

In the initial days, prostitution in Murree was associated with street children. They were sold for sexual purposes either for adults or for small kids. But the recent years have seen the prostitution industry expand its clientele across the income groups. This has made it easier for some women to earn some good money.

Initially, the girls would sell little things like brassieres, paintings, or small amount of jewelry. But now they also offer services like child guarding, house sitting, and cleaning. The men are willing to pay a decent amount for these services.

The pimps and the johns prefer to select girls from a very young age. Older girls are less interested in this kind of business. But in some cases the older girls may be forced to do as they are told. Prostitution in Murree is therefore becoming a money making industry for the richer people. But this is only a small percentage of the entire prostitution industry.

Some girls may belong to well to do families. These girls can easily afford to buy a garment at a high price. Such girls make a large amount of money. Those who belong to lower income classes cannot afford to buy costly attires. This is why prostitution in Murree widens itself.

Most of the girls are either children or teenagers. In fact many of them may even be school aged. If you talk about street prostitution, then the younger girls are usually involved. But there are some cases where the middle aged and older girls are involved in this form of brokering.

Pimps and johns usually choose their victims very carefully. They select their victim through a long list. The pimp will check if the girl is willing by observing her demeanour and the way she dresses. Some girls try to prettify themselves by getting manicures and changing their clothes. Many a times, the pimps even try to force these girls to change their clothes.

They even try to force the girls to have sexual favors with the johns. But the most common way of prostitution in Murree is to have an oral sex or a fellatio. Teenage girls also go for this sort of services.