Escorts in PC BHURBAN Murree

Escorts in Pearls: What They Do?

Escorts in PC Hotel Murree are a fun and exciting profession for pearl divers, their personalities come out in their interactions with the clients. They portray a different kind of character depending upon which agency they work for and where they are working. There are agencies operating for the pearls in Kovalam, Cochin, Goa and even Kerala in India. In spite of the fact that the profession is a glamorous one, it is very relaxing and pays you well.

The pearls in these agencies have to be grown on farms in protected waters. Escorts in pearls are given ample training on how to handle the pearls, how to take care of them and how to present them to their clients in the best possible way. Their clients range from corporate clients to private individuals and they get the commission based on the amount of work done. Escorts in pearl diving can earn as much as $75 an hour depending upon their skills and the number of pearls they have to preserve. It is their responsibility to report the pearl to the clients at regular intervals.

When a client wants to go on a pearl diving adventure, they first make their appointments for this. Since this profession involves the use of very expensive gemstones, escorts in pearl divers need to be highly disciplined and responsible towards their clients. They also have to be very caring and have to be willing to wear heavy protective clothing while doing the pearl diving process. The clients also have to provide them with all the required equipment and they will have to carry their client’s luggage.

The escorts in pearl divers are the ones who will take the gems to the clients. They have to make sure that their clients do not feel comfortable during this process. This has to be done by having carefully planned tactics so that things do not go out of hand and there is a smooth sailing. The escorts have to carry a detailed account of every important thing that is needed for the pearl diving trip. The clients should also be given all the details about what they will be doing during the entire trip.

Once the clients reach their hotel they will have to register with the tour operator. They will then have to go for a series of formal and informal training sessions. In most cases, the pearl divers will have to be trained by resort and hotel staff. The training sessions will involve teaching the clients how to handle and care for the precious gemstone that they are going to carry around. The clients will also need to learn how to safely navigate their diving boat.

Once all the formalities are over, they will be allowed to start their day. They will have to report to the tour operator in their local area. The escorts in pearl divers are the ones who will train the pearl divers who will go on the diving excursion. Once the clients finish their day they will return to their hotel.

After they have been given a chance to relax they will need to test their skills. The pearl divers will need to wear a mask. It is because the visibility is limited during the dives. On the other hand, the escorts will need to use a device that will measure their breathing rate and oxygen saturation. This device is known as the monitor. The escorts will also need to inform the pearl divers of the depth of the water at which they will dive.

The last instruction that the clients need to know is how to care for the gemstone. They should also be given tips on how to take care of the pearl jewelry once they have been acquired. The last but not least they will need to take some photographs.