The story of two friends who became the first ever Escorts in JAWA INTERNATIONAL Murree, Pakistan is very typical. On the day of their wedding, the friends were so excited that they could hardly contain their joy. The bride was naturally very happy too but could not get out of her mind the bad news that her groom had passed away. The news had sent her into a depression and she could not even think of their upcoming wedding. All of sudden, she saw a man entering her compound accompanied by a taxi.

“My goodness! What are you doing here? You should be outside enjoying your wedding.” the chauffeur told her firmly. The girl was extremely upset and began to rant about how her upcoming marriage with this man was going to be a disaster because his dead father had left her.

“No way! We have a deal.” she shouted and then started complaining about the taxi driver and the very fact that she had not been given proper notice. She finally convinced the chauffeur to take her to her wedding venue instead of forcing her to sit in the cab.

“Yes, thank you very much but that’s not enough. I want to know where you are exactly on your wedding night.” The chauffeur replied. “I am in a very important meeting. Please be informed that Escorts in Hotel Jawaharlal Park will be provided for you.”

The chauffeur showed the group his business cards. One of them was the well-known entrepreneur, Ashok Aggarwal. He introduced himself and offered to provide the bride and groom with a car designed especially for their special day. Ashok explained that he had come from New Delhi and that it would not be wrong to say that he was from the capital world wide.

“So you live in New Delhi? That’s great. I just hope we can get married in New York.” said the groom. Ashok was happy to oblige and arranged for one of his chauffeurs to pick up the bride and take her to the reception venue at a very comfortable rate.

The bride was very excited. She had read about the fantastic views offered by the Taj Mahal under the sun. The beautiful premises of the Taj Mahal were situated in a very small and remote area but it was like having a palace in one’s dreams.

Ashok parked his vehicle right outside the gate. There was a huge banner of the Taj Mahal written on the banner. As soon as the chauffeur opened the gate, the bride and groom were welcomed with folded hands. They were taken straight to the room where the other guests were waiting. Ashok presented the bride and groom with traditional Indian sikhs along with sweets and a gift and took them to their newly found home, The Hotel Jaqra International.

It was a small affair as all the guests were very polite. Ashok took care of the bridal shower and even took care of the snacks and food served during the wedding. Everyone who attended the wedding was treated very royally. The only thing that could be compared to a minor irritant was the absence of an address to the bride. But that is a small gripe.

Ashok and the bride were soon asleep. She was waiting for her groom who was still in the car when she logged into her computer and logged into the net. Her eyes were opened wide in surprise when she saw pictures of the groom on her page. She wrote him a heart shaped message and sent it to him. The next day the happy couple had their first meeting.

The very next day the two were married. Ashok expressed her happiness over their union. The bride reciprocated in kind. Both of them shared happiness and congratulations on their union.

That was when her life changed. One evening, unable to sleep, she had a dream about her late husband. In the dream he was holding her and they were walking along the shore. The next day they had their first kiss and that night they cuddled each other. Over the following weekend, the bride began to realize that her dream was coming true.