Escorts in AL-HAYAT HOTEL Murree

Escorts In Al-Hayat Hotel – A Beautiful Experience

The famous escorts in Al-HaYAT Hotel are the three sexy Arab beauties. They are with their matching dresses, heels and jewelry. Their accents make them look like they are ready for any occasion, and their presence alone will take you to another world. They are all models and if you are interested in one of these escorts, I will show you one of them, and one is the best among them – Kahara.

Kahara is one of the Arabian beauties and she is always ready for a night out. She knows how to handle people well and knows how to tease and flirt with them to get their attention. The moment they see you coming, they will already have the spotlight pointed at them. And that’s what they like.

I met Kahara a while ago. She was with her friend Huda. They went for coffee and then Huda noticed me and called me by name. “EVA”, he said. “This is your photographer from Dubai”.

I smiled and noticed her new outfit which consisted of a black mini dress with high cut blouses. Her legs were bare, so that it looked quite sensuous and erotic. Her perfume matched her beauty and scent. Her lips were charming and when I saw her in person, it was obvious she was an adult woman. That is how she likes it.

Her partner, Huda, introduced us. Kahara immediately gave me a warm welcome. We immediately chatted with her about Dubai travel, sports, fashion and life in general. It was very easy to converse with her. She knows what she wants in life and this is what she wanted to share with me.

One of the Arab beauties, Randa, greeted me and gave me a warm welcome. After that, there was hardly anyone left. Just Randa and I. We all sat in the lobby together and talked about our love for each other and the beautiful city of Dubai.

The girls didn’t talk much, but they appreciated when I bought them chocolates and flowers. The men who came in took care of the girls and the manager of the hotel even stood by them. The girls treated us like royalty and it was great to be with such a wonderful group of girls.

When we left the hotel, we were met with an unexpected lunch of chicken kebabs on the beach. It was delicious! I think Randa and I might go back every week. I left Dubai feeling very happy and I will definitely go back next year. There are so many things to see and do in Dubai, it’s just too difficult to fit it all in.

A few days later, I was introduced to another group of girls from the hotel. They too had come to enjoy the beautiful beach. They introduced themselves to me and asked if I enjoyed being there. Of course I did, it was a once in a lifetime experience.

I can’t explain what a deeply relaxed I was. I could feel the serenity and the peace of the surroundings. The temperature was around zero and it was a very peaceful experience. The wind gently blew my hair and the waves gently caressed my body. The girls were very pretty and dressed very neatly.

When we finally ended up at the beach, there were so many people there that I couldn’t take a picture of them all. There were so many beautiful girls lying on the sand. Everyone seemed to know each other and it was breath taking. We all talked for hours and it was very relaxing.

The escorts were very beautiful – Arab, Russian and Spanish. My husband took one of them for a walk while I went over to the pool area with another girl. It was a very romantic and perfect day. I will never forget that experience.