Escorts in HOTEL ORIENT Murree

Hotline Escorts in HOTEL ORIENT Murree

In order to make sure that the hotel staff provides quality services, especially when it comes to hospitality and safety of their guests, Escorts in OrIENT Hotel Murree have decided to deploy the services of a private Escorts. This initiative is taken with the aim to ensure a safe and secure stay for the guests by making sure that the hotel staff and the hotel guests adhere to all of the necessary hotel rules and regulation regarding hospitality and safety. A private Escorts plays an important role not only in terms of offering hotel guests with security protection but also as an added support system to hotel management. In this article we shall discuss more about how such an initiative has worked for Hotels in OrIENT Murree.

The very first service offered by the private Escorts is the personalised service. Depending on the requirements of the guest the representative may have the option to access the rooms where the guest stays with the hotel’s assistance or not. When there is a need to access the guest’s rooms, the representatives are deployed and given the room number by the hotel. Once inside the guest’s room, the services of the escort are offered. There are several instances wherein the services of the escort are required inside the rooms; for example, if the guest has been instructed not to use the bathroom or goes to the kitchen during the day, the escort will be called and given the room number to access the rooms safely and immediately.

Hotels in OrIENT Murree also offer the services of a Personal Assistant (PA). The Personal Assistant (PA) is deployed to provide certain specific services to the hotel guests. These services include but are not limited to: taking messages and calls, answering the phones and communicating with the guest in case there is a problem relating to the accommodation. The Personal Assistant is paid by the hotel on a fixed salary and is also paid an hourly wage.

Another important service provided by Hotels in OrIENT Murree is that of a Housekeeping staff. The Housekeeping staff is deployed to ensure that the hotel guests have the right and clean stay and are maintained to a high standard. For instance, the guests who stay for long periods of time would require a lot of cleaning. Similarly, there are certain rooms in the hotel which are more prone to stains and dirt than other rooms in the hotel. The Housekeeping staff are deployed to maintain the cleanliness of these rooms in a diligent manner.

Moreover, the escort deployed for the guests’ rooms is also called as a Room Maid. The Maid is required to clean and maintain the room uniformly each day. She is also responsible for cleaning the linen used in the room and dusting the furniture. The room maids are called upon to cater for the meals provided to the guests and take-away food as well.

There are also certain services provided by the Hotel Escorts in Hotline Murree such as picking-up/drop-off at the airport. When the guests reach the hotel, they would be given a code or a PIN number to enter to identify their room and book them. Once the guests are settled in their room, the escort called the room-maid is deployed to do his job. This is also where the Secretaries are deployed for the purposes of recording the reservations and accounting the money received and spent at the hotel. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the hotel authorities to keep the accounts well documented.

The service provided by the Housekeeping staff is also essential as most hotels have a daily check on the room cleanliness. The room-maids are trained to ensure that the room is neat and clean before the guests are due to check in. However, most houseskeeping service providers would call upon them only when a guest would want the room cleaned. The service would commence once the guest arrives.

The Hotline Escorts in Hotline Murree are very helpful as most guests book rooms through them. Hotel owners who employ the services of the escort also enjoy a significant reduction in their regular housekeeping staff. There is no need to hire additional staff for this service. The service takes up a lot of time and thus if the hotel owner uses the services of an escort, then he can cut down on his daily housekeeping staff.