Escorts in Ayubia Park Murree

Escorts In Ayubia Park Murree – Why It’s So Hard To Control Mob Violence?

Escorts in Ayubia Park are all those people who had taken part in the campaign launched by the CM of Bengal, Mr. Benaiah Kumar. They were the volunteers of the ruling party who had gone ahead to help out the campaign and were given the names of people they had helped. The names of the people who had suffered communal riots and had been victims of torture and murder had been published on the internet so that the community could identify them and help them in their cause.

After the implementation of the CM’s welfare measures all the residents of the riot prone areas were asked to move to the new relocated city. Those who had been moved from the old city to the new ones complained of loneliness and had a sense of being deserted by the Bengalis. There was hardly anyone around and the Bengalis used to abuse them and not even offer them food or drink while they were waiting for long hours.

The situation was worsened when people found that the bridge across the river had collapsed on the day of operation. The people could not cross the bridge after that day there was no movement at all. There were no activities taking place at any of the places. There were no children playing at any of the playgrounds and there was no one to look after them. That is why it was very sad to see these people suffer in such circumstances.

The CM assured the citizens of Bengal that he would personally pay for their house and properties and would compensate for the daily rents. But nothing happened. Only some vehicles were removed from the park area and a few police men were present to keep an eye on the situation. One person was fired upon but the police fired back and then retaliated. The miscreants came under the scanner and one police officer was arrested after a heated exchange of words with the coordinator of the event. It all became very difficult for the Bengalis to believe in such circumstances and the Bengalis started leaving the area.

The residents were very upset and demanded that the police officers be arrested. But the CM just smiled and did not bother about the outrage. He promised that all those who had left must return to the park and make amends. He promised that all those who were not able to make amends would be deported. Later, the CM admitted that the cancellation of the event was not his decision and he cancelled it himself. He said that he ordered the cancellation in consultation with the local government and the local organizers of the event.

The Bengalis were in a state of depression and were in a state of frenzy, blaming the CM and his party for the incident. The CM promised that he would ensure that there will never be any violence in the state and promised that the rioters would be punished. Later, he failed to live up to this promise and the rioters increased their attacks on the Bengalis.

The media reported that the Bengalis burnt alive hundreds of Muslims during the attack and there were hundreds of casualties. The local Bengali newspapers described the scene of horror and death in their own words. The news reports also described how the dead bodies were mutilated and how the rioters ran away as the mob overwhelmed them. According to the police reports, the dead bodies were found hanging from trees and the rioters fled in all directions after they killed hundreds of people in the park.

Escorts from Ayubia Park Murree were unable to control the situation and fled the scene as the mob grew more violent. But by then, the mob was so big that the authorities called in the choppers and helicopters and reinforcements were called in to restore order. There were no reports of injured or dead bodies at the scene of the attack. But all the people, who were involved in the attack, have been booked under Sections 4 & 5 of the Indian Constitution for crimes against humanity and are awaiting trial.